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The Sticky Note Post.

Greetings!   If  you're reading this, chances are you came here because you either a) know me from online fandom and fanfiction circles; b) know me from the world of historical reenactment; or c) know me in Real Life.

Due to the split-personality nature of this blog, I now have it set up so that general news and comments, short reviews, fun memes and pictures of cute cats post publicly, as those are general-interest.  Then I have two private f-lists; one is for things fannish (detailed geeky analyses of SF shows, fanfiction, and other disreputable material).

The other is for historical reenactment geekery (containing things like detailed analyses of different kinds of linen fabric for use in historical costuming, Medieval recipe redactions and other disreputable-but-academic material), as well as more tl:dr detailed Stuff About Life.  (I fear I don't *have* enough of a life in and of itself to split it up into three lists . . .)

If you're friending me, please shoot me a PM or comment on this post to let me know which f-list you want to be on (or if you want on both).  Not as friendly as having it all mooshed together and out there free for the public, but I think this setup will run more smoothly for the long haul.  :)

ETA: I will occasionally go through my f-list and do "cleanup" -- removing defunct accounts, accounts that have de-friended me (and which, I'm guessing, are no longer reading my blog), etc., to keep things current and tidy.  If I ever un-friend you in error, be sure to shoot me an email or comment and I'll rectify that ASAP!!  :)

Paging ginnybpotter . . .?

Hello, all. No, I'm not dead, and I'm fine, but I've been in my usual state of non-comunnicative distraction for a while. The latest thing keeping me distracted was RadCon and all pre-prep and after-catch-up, but while digging out my inbox I discovered an email notification about 2 weeks old from ginnybpotter asking, very politely, for permission to use a story element similar to one of mine in her own fic.

I tried to respond and say, "Sure, go for it!" but the message bounced. LJ said she has her messages set to private mode, and going to her page it looks like a placeholder rather than something she uses a lot.

If you happen to know her (or if she happens to see this), you can tell her her fic idea is fine with me, and I appreciate her asking! :)

I'm back! Again! Sort of . . .

Hello, all! I'm still around -- still more on Tumblr and FB than here (DW and LJ), I fear, since time constraints have been such that the instant-gratification nature of those sites (and the short attention span required to make use of them) have been more suited to the short nibbles of internet time I've been getting. However, I had a free evening today, and went back to "skip=780" (the max LJ allows right now, it seems) and skimmed through it, so I'm mostly-sorta caught up from 3/3 onwards.

Note that when I say "skimmed," I mean it, so I didn't read a lot of posts in depth, but I did my best to get an idea of what was going on.

In general news about my life, RadCon went *very* well this year (and no norovirus, thank all the gods), so yay. Spring has sprung here, and the new house is revealing spring surprises in the form of massive quantities of flower bulbs. *So* massive I'm not sure they'll provide much in the way of blooms (since I suspect the bulbs are overcrowded), but if they do it will be spectacular. Only the snowdrops have flowered so far, but they're always my favorites:

2-26-13 050

The cats have adjusted just fine to their new home since the move last July, and are even getting a bit comfier with each other, as this image proves:


I snapped that pic as I was on my way out the door to work, and noticed that the cats were more than happy to take over the nice, warm bed I'd left them. Such a hard, grim life they lead, yes . . .

So, things continue, and I maintain a tenuous foothold online. Not bad, really. :)

More as I have the time . . . and good to "see" you all again!

Another kitty vid . . .

Probably the only other really decent vid I'd gotten of the cats. A bit of explanation: I've been trying to socialize the kitties (well, Dex and Lumen, Fry is already socialized to a fault) by having other people over and feeding them treats, etc. I realized about halfway through this session it might be worth filming, so this sort of starts in the middle, but it's a nice illustration of the cat, esp. Fry's relative size, which is impressive.

My friend Mattias is doing the feeding, here, and the cats are pretty good around him by this point -- though Dex, as is shown, isn't quite up to being petted yet. :) Also, Lumen is a bit shy about taking treats from people's hands, hence the comment about taking her into another room (away from her ravenous counterparts) so she can be fed her treats from a bowl.

The treats are Greenies, theoretically healthy, teeth-cleaning treats, but the cats gulp them down so fast I can't help but wonder if they're getting any real dental effects. They love 'em, though!


. . . Or homicidal. Kinda the same thing, for cats. I've started taking these vids and putting them on YouTube mostly for my mom, but I thought folks might like to see the critters in action. Sorry about the lousy quality -- one of these days I'll actually put some effort into making the vids look good. :P


Hey, all -- back again for a bit (possibly longer, but I've learned not to promise anything after this last bout of falling off the face of the internet). There's no way I'll be able to catch up on what's been happening here, so sorry if I didn't see any major Life Announcements or am otherwise behind the curve. Glad to be back for now, anyway -- missed y'all! :)

If Sherlock was a bartender . . .

. . . I like to think he'd come up with mixed drinks like these.

Pathology-inspired Cocktails, served at the St Bartholomew's Pathology Museum, of all places! How appropriate. Molly probably helped . . .
So, after posting here and going all, "Yeyz, I'm back!" I kinda drifted off again; that was due to prepping for (and then attending) the Spokane Renaissance Faire this past weekend, where my historical group was demo-ing. No weapons this time, I was all about fiber arts. I spun wool for about 6 hours solid each day, and wow, my hands and wrists are feeling it . . . but I had a great time talking to patrons about what I was doing, so it was worth it. :)

Anyhoo, by now it's pretty standard for anyone with a trebuchet in their back yard (like the owners of the Faire property) to chuck pumpkins this time of year, and I found a great vid on YouTube when looking for something to send my mom. No idea who took it, but enjoy!

(My group's booth is off to the right; the small trebuchet to the left of the big one is portable, and was built by some of the SpoCon folks. They were using it to chuck tennis balls and other small objects as a kids' activity. The kids loved it, of course.)

Bunny rabbit herding sheep.

. . . Or at least having a great time watching them run!

Video here.

Video rec.

Things I found on Facebook.

For those watching the US presidential candidates' debates, a couple drinking games -- though with either one I suggest using beverages of *very low* alcohol content if you want to be conscious by the end. (Sadly, I have no attribution for the first graphic, but I'll add one if I find it.)

politics 1

politics 2

Apologies if a double post shows up.

Hey, all! I was trying to keep up with my plans to regularly crosspost everything to (well, from, more accurately) Dreamwidth, but the most recent attempt seemed to fall flat, so, thinking it didn't "take" I hit the "crosspost" deal again . . . and still nothing. Looks like Dreamwidth crossposts are moving very slowly today. So, at some point, a double post may show up here when things catch up.

Sorry about that. I'll delete the double, if there is one, as soon as I log back on and see it.

Some things I found on Facebook.

I pretty much run my FB account (which I have because it's the only way to keep up with some friends and relatives, sadly) like a Tumblr, reposting whatever random shiny stuff I encounter that amuses me (George Takei's FB page is a real gem for that -- if you're on FB and haven't checked it out, do yourself a favor and take a look). Here are a couple-three vids I particularly enjoyed.

First, this one answers the age-old question, " What happens when you take a scientist, liquid nitrogen and 1500 table tennis balls?" Not like it isn't easy to *guess* . . .

Next, I don't normally post political stuff here, but if you're of a sufficiently cynical frame of mind you should get a laugh out of this regardless of your party affiliation:

Finally, Geek Parents Are Awesome (though I'm not sure if the animated expressions are cute or creepy):

Cute kitty pic: Fry's hard day.

"Man, it's only *Tuesday?* How'm I ever gonna make it to the weekend?"



Yes, it's true -- while I've been off-LJ, I've gone over to the pony side of the Force, as it were. Since I don't participate in the fandom, I wouldn't say I'm a full-blown Brony by any means, but I enjoy the show and can see why it's developed an adult fandom. I also think it's worth reccing to anyone who hasn't given it a shot.

Nattering and a sample link, under the cut.Collapse )

Oatmeal cookies.

Now that I'm getting caught up on LJ, in the interim some RL friends have said I should be creating an online archive of my fave recipes; I've pointed them in the direction of this LJ and the "recipes" tag, and, as a result, will be trying to do a better job of adding material of that nature.

Last night was a baking night (the weather is finally cool enough for a hot oven to *not* be anathema), and since the bread takes an hour to rise, preferably on top of a warm stove, I've started piggybacking a cookie or other quick baking recipe to make use of the heated oven time. The current cookie recipe is an old family classic. I have no idea where Mom got it -- if it was handed down to her from my grandmother, or if it came from Mrs. Cancellor, our next-door neighbor when I was growing up (and possessor of Mad Baking Skillz). Regardless, it's simple. classic, and delish. Enjoy!

Recipe under the cut.Collapse )


Today's gratuitous kitty pic.

I swear, if it were really possible to end up "ded of cute," I'd've been a goner long ago.



There is too much, I will sum up.

Okay, this is the summary of what was going on in my life this past . . . year, almost.

Under the cut, for your anti-f-list-spammage convenience.Collapse )

Well, that was fun . . . more or less.

Hey, all! Just a quick note to let everyone know I haven't abandoned LJ for good -- not even close! I just had a whole lot of Life to deal with the last few months, and simply did not have time to keep up with everything online at the same time. All's well, though.

There is, of course, No Way I'm going to be able to catch up on everything from the time I was absent. Apologies in advance for any clulessness that might result.

I expect to be around regularly soon, after I can catch up on the latest DW eps so I'm not having to shade my eyes for spoilers everywhere I go. ;) (Actually, you guys are great about marking such posts, but I'd like to be up to speed on what everyone is talking about.) With any luck, writing will resume shortly afterwards. :)

Hope y'all had a great summer!

(Wanders away, whistling innocently.)

(Seriously, that bit at 0:04-0:05 with the scarf? Totally unfair to anyone with male-attracted ovaries . . .)


"Writing is flying in dreams.
When you remember. When you can. When it works.
It's that easy"

--Neil Gaiman (From Smoke and Mirrors).

"... all the things I was writing have come alive on me, all at once, and all I want to do is keep my head down and write them."

--ibid. (From a blog entry.)

"The difference between a writer and a lit teacher/critic is rather
like the difference between a mother and a coroner. Both valuable
skill-sets, but not doing the same task at all."

-- Lois McMaster Bujold (from a mailing list discussion on theme, writing and literary analysis)

"There's this strange tendency . . . to assume that the fall of the Roman empire plunged the world into darkness for over a thousand years, and in that time we all ate dirt and waited patiently for the renaissance."

-- Daniel Myers, from a "Medieval Cookery" blog entry.

"There's nothing trivial about telling stories with your friends — even if the stories themselves are trivial. The act of telling stories to one another is practically sacred — and it's unquestionably profound."

-- Cory Doctorow, "In Praise of Fanfic"

"Love is a dangerous angel."

--Francesca Lia Block, Weetzie Bat

"I spend all my time being shocked and delighted at how beautiful things can be - light, waves, rocks, faces, architecture, stories, music, whatever. All this beauty makes me feel vulnerable, because it's perfection far beyond what I can ever hope to render, but it also makes me burn to try."

-- John Howe, in John Howe: Fantasy Art Workshop

"Ha, ha! You see? It’s the final victory! It’s the final victory of spoddy kids like me, who grew up not understanding football and liking Doctor Who, and being ridiculed and seen as geeky, and finally . . ."

-- David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, on learning that a Doctor Who-related broadcast got more viewers than the FA Cup match on ITV.

"I always picture the end of the world as a prolonged camping trip but with fewer marshmallows and more existential despair."

-- Patrick Rothfuss, from a blog entry.

"Time doesn't so much fly, as plummet, with a terminal velocity that's never really been determined."

-- John Kovalic, in a LiveJournal post.

". . . I'm not in the message business; I'm in the 'Once upon a time' business."

-- Philip Pullman, quoted from his website.

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